Preparing Young Adults for Independence

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America’s independence was not easily won. There was no guarantee the fledgling colonies would win, but they fought long and hard and, as a result, every July 4th we celebrate our nation’s independence.

If there is a young adult in your life, you know they’re often fighting in their own way to declare their independence.

With all their new freedom, your young adult probably is not thinking about estate planning. After all, the hallmark of youth is a strong belief they will live forever!

But … even young people can get sick … or be in an accident … and need the protection of a comprehensive estate plan.

Because they are adults, parents cannot just step in without the proper legal authority. And, things can get very complicated when parents can’t make emergency decisions about health care …  pay bills … or access online accounts for their sick or injured child.

This month, take some time to meet with an estate planning attorney about how you can protect your adult child … and rest a little easier as they celebrate their freedom!

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