How to Maintain Independence As We Age

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Gathering with the family for a Fourth of July celebration is a heartwarming time for the family’s oldest members. It’s a day to celebrate our great nation’s independence, but also a time to take a long look at the generations of the family gathered around the table, making you proud and hopeful for the future.

This is also the time to consider what plans are in place to protect your own independence in the coming years. This means making sure your estate plan is up to date and reflects your wishes for yourself and your family.

Be sure your plan includes both a Medical and a Financial Power of Attorney … naming the people you would want to make your health care and financial decisions if you can’t.

These, along with your will or trust, are part of a comprehensive estate plan to protect you, your assets, and your family.

Consider it a mark of your own independence.

Happy Fourth of July!

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