It’s Your Independence Day !!!

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Congratulations! After decades of work, you’re ready to retire and celebrate your own personal Independence Day. Maybe you’re planning to spend more time with the family, visit America’s National Parks, or ramp up your volunteer work … you might even be thinking about starting a business.

Whatever your plans for retirement, you get to choose!

While you’re celebrating, don’t forget to protect your own independence with a proper estate plan.

Why is this so important?

An estate plan also helps you maintain control over your assets … and your personal life … through some of life’s biggest challenges … like if you become seriously ill or incapacitated. Your estate plan can make sure the right people – the ones you want – step in and make decisions for you, whether it’s just a temporary illness or a permanent disability, or even death.

Admittedly, these are difficult things to consider, but an estate plan is a powerful way for you to stay in control and truly declare your independence from outside interference in your private matters!

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